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April 2005 - 2005-04-03
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2005-04-03 | 10:05 a.m.

You know, I was just reading over some of my older entries and looking back I have to say, boy I did forget alot of shit!I guess that is what happens after you turn 36.

So being the masochist that I am, I had therapy this morning at 8am. Nothing like starting off the day with a latte and a litany of complaints.

For all of you out there who occasionally read my diary, and probably stopped since I haven't been writing and any newbies out there, here is a brief update: I am dating someone new for 1 year, I am interviewing and I still lie awake at night staring at the ceiling wondering of my life will ever straighten out.

Besides having a few on an off again jobs being unemployed this year did have its perks like being able to heal from having my heart torn out by my ex and shoulder surgery.

Of course last month after a whole year, I had the pleasure of running into my ex. Not so much running into him as it was being stuck at an intersection on my bike while he was in the opposite lane with his new chippy in the front seat. Needless to say I thought I would have a stroke on the spot. But I pulled through, pulled away and tried to deal with it all. Which really means I was having heart palpitations, weird dreams and emergency phone therapy.

When times like that get me down, I try to think cheerful thoughts like how Johnny Cochran died of a brain tumor. That is just so perfect. The brain he used to get a killer off is the same brain that did him in. Talk about poetic justice!

So how 'bout that Pope? Isn't it amazing how one person can effect the lives of so many people and still die? Doesn't he have some kind of hotline to G-d or something? Do you think Terri Schivao and him are chatting it up, or is he in a "Pope Only" section?
One thing is for sure, ole Johnny ain't hanging out with them, more like slathering on the SPF 60 if you know what I mean.

To tell you the truth I was betting that the Pope would "die" on April 1st and revive on April 2nd! April fools! Can you imagine if that really happened?

Ah, I really need to find some other way to amuse myself.

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